Self Serve Is A New Twist On The Old

When you are looking to experience new and exciting sexual horizons in your bedroom, strap on dildos can be a unparalleled way to broaden your experiences. A small, narrow strap on is a great place to begin experimenting, as this will likely be the most comfortable size for a male just starting out. When wearing a harness the base of the dildo is placed on the pubic bone, quite far from the clit. It comes with two different pegging dildos, so it's perfect if you want to start small and go big later, without needing to make a second purchase.

The world has gotten real creative when it comes to strap on dildos, and folks have developed all types of straps to go with these different types of dildos. This strap-on set is priced in the mid-range and is great for any beginner looking to experience what it's like to have a true strap-on adventure.

Everything included in this seems to work really well for the price point, when first getting it I assumed it wouldn't be very impressive since it was on the cheaper side and some of the more realistic silicone dildo's go for more on here but when I got it I was pleasantly surprised.

Whether it's double dildos, strap-on harnesses, or strap-on dildos, lesbian couples love our sex toys designed by women for strapon women. This strap-on boasts a dildo length of humongous 9 inches and is not for amateurs. Tantus also has more amazing 100% silicone toys and BDSM toys If the Wham Bam is out of your price range, Tantus also has an amazing Sale Section and Grab Bag with the same amazing toys at a discounted price.

The two dildos measure 6-inches and 8-inches, so there is a size for everyone. Although glass dildos are created to be strong and durable, it is always good to inspect prior to use, each time. Being unisex and all isn't the only selling point of this strap-on harness kit it's actually the incredible value and high-quality materials of the products.

Double Penetration dildos are designed in such a way that there are two penises hanging off of the harness. The Universal Strap-On Harness will fit hip sizes up to 66 inches. This can often be useful when the partners wish to switch roles during their play, as the strap-on can be put on before hand without interfering or needing to be taken off for play to continue.

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